My best trip ever - SJ 2017/18

My best trip ever - SJ 2014/15

Sami, 3a:

On July 21st we flew from Vienna to Munich, before that we drove to Vienna and it took us 2 hours. It was a very hot day. At the airport we had to wait to board. We had something to eat and drink. At 2 pm our gate was ready  for boarding. On the plane I realised that we didn´t have a lot of space to move, but the flight was short, around an hour or so. When we arrived in Munich we also waited quite a long time before we could board the next plane.The flight to Portugal was a little longer. When we arrived in Portugal it was 9 pm at night.
Our taxi driver brought us to our hotel. After the taxi had gone, we asked for our room at the reception.

The next day we went to Colombo, the biggest shopping center in Europe.
On my birthday we went on a tourist bus and experienced the amazing sights of Portugal. 
We also went to the Oceanario - an aquarium. It was quite fascinating to see the wide range  of sealife.

We had beautiful sunny days so we enjoyed our holiday in Portugal.

Kevin, 3a:

My best trip ever was to Egypt two years ago. I went with my family to Charmel Shake.
We stayed in a 5 star hotel. The Hotel was very nice and the beds were very soft.
There were seven pools and 8 restaurants in our hotel.

In the holidays we relaxed and we went to the city and on a boat.

The funny thing was that there was someone who wanted to sell us some lamas.
The highlight was that on the boat we saw a dolphin that jumped out of the water.

The weather was hot and always sunny. I liked it a lot because it didn´t rain.

Marie, 3a:

My best day trip ever was to Salzburg. I went there with my family and my aunts’ families on July 6th.

In the morning my dad drove us to the train station in Amstetten. We met my cousins Simon, Philipp, Sophie, Anna and Rosa with their parents. On the train we had a lot of fun.

When we were in Salzburg we had to walk for quarter of an hour to the “Haus der Natur”.
In this museum were many different fish, a laboratory with water, a whale- and dinosaur exhibition.

We had lunch in an Italian restaurant and I had a tuna pizza. After that we walked to the “Festung Hohensalzburg“. There we ate ice-cream and drank lemonade. We visited the castle.

On the way to the train we walked through the “Getreidegasse” and we saw the “Mozart house”.

It was a great trip and I would like to do it again.

Verena, 3b:

Last summer my family and some of my relatives went to Loipersdorf  for three days.
We were already looking forward to our holidays. We stayed at a bed and breakfast place. It was not very nice, because it was old-fashioned.
My family went there by car and it took us 3 hours.

Every day we went swimming in a spa. My family, my relatives and my aunt’s godchild had a lot of fun.
Once we went down a slide on a tyre.There was a hole in thas slide in which we had to jump into to get down. This was the highlight of our holiday.

When it was lunchtime we often went to the restaurant in the spa. We had “Schnitzel” and other meals.
The weather was hot, but sometimes it was rainy. It was a very nice holiday and I hope we will go there again one day.

Raphael, 3b:

On a beautiful day in the summer holidays, my family and I went to visit my cousin in Wieselburg. We went there by car. Unfortunately it was raining when we arrived there, and I thought that my cousin and I could not now go out to play football. So we played some games on the Wii.
After a short time it stopped raining and we went out to play football. After we had played for about an hour we were so hot and wondered if we should go swimming instead.

We asked our parents and they allowed us to go swimming. So we packed our things together and headed for the swimming pool.
When we arrived there only I had to buy a ticket because my cousin had a season ticket.
After we had unpacked what we needed we ran to the diving-platform. At first we jumped from the one-meter-board, then we tried two meters and after that we jumped from the three-meter-board. At last we even went for the five-meter-board, that was scary!

At lunchtime we grabbed something to eat at the restaurant. The food was delicious. We had a "Wiener Schnitzel".

After we had finished eating we went to the soccer field next to the pool and played a match with some other children. After an hour we went back to the pool.
My personal highlight was that I dared to jump down from the five-meter-board. My cousin was amazed because he had not yet made ​​it.

At five o’ clock we went back again, my parents and I said goodbye and we went back home. It was a nice holiday day.

Sarah, 3b:

My best trip ever was to Lovran in July 2013. We went there by car and it took us 7 hours.
I went there with my parents, my brothers David and Jonas, my aunt and my uncle and my cousins Melanie, Christoph and Gabriel.

We stayed there in a nice hotel called Excelsior. In the hotel we always had breakfast and dinner together.
There was always an excellent buffet. They had a lot of fish. They had also pizza, pasta and a lot more.

We had a nice room overlooking the sea. Every day we went swimming and we had a lot of fun. One day we went to the island of Krk with a boat.
The weather was fantastic, because it was sunny and the sky was blue. Then my family and I had lunch on the boat. Suddenly the captain’s wife threw the fishbones into the water and about one hundred seagulls flew behind the boat in no time. It was amazing.

Every night we went to in a nice pub on the beach. We always had a lot of fun. It was my best trip ever!

Antonia, 3c:

My best holiday ever was in Greece. I went there with my parents, my brother, my two sisters, my uncle, my aunt and two cousins.
We had travelled by ship for 25 hours. We stayed in an appartment for two weeks.

We often ate in a restaurant. The weather was fantastic because it was hot and sunny.

We were often on different beaches. There we lay in the sun and swam in the sea.
One day we went shopping to Igoumenitsa. We bought some souvenirs. One day we went on a sight-seeing tour to Lefkada.
On another day we went to a flowstone cave. I think that was the best trip we had on this holiday.

On our way home we stopped in Venice and we visited this beautiful city. This was the best trip ever.

David, 3c:

I went with my family to my grandma together with  my cousins, aunts and uncles. We went by car to my grandma’s little farm.
There we played games and the aunts, uncles and my parents went for a walk.

When the grown-ups came home again we drank coffee and ate some cake. Then it began to rain and we played on the Play Staystion 4 and watched the Austrian Bundesliga on TV.
In the afternoon we all ate Frankfurter sausages. Then we kids played UNO and DKT, the grown-ups played other card games.

At 7 o’clock p.m. most of the people went home and then we went home, too. When we arrived at home I went to bed and then I fell asleep immediately.

Viktoria, 3c:

Last summer my family and our neighbours went to Rabac in Croatia for 5 days. We went by car, it took us 9 hours because we made a lot of breaks.
Our hotel was called “Mimosa”, it was a 4-star hotel. It was very big and had an outdoor swimming pool.

On the first day we went swimming and diving in the sea and in the evening we went along the beach, it was very beautiful in the moonshine.

The next morning we met a nice girl from “Burgenland”. Her name was Kati.
Later we went on a jet-ski ride - it was the highlight this summer. We rode on the water and it was very cool!

In the evening we ate mussels from the sea, they were not so good. But the food we had before was better.

The other days were rainy, that is why we did nothing special. I think this was the best holiday ever!