Antonia, 3c

I stayed with my parents and my brother in a hotel for two weeks. The hotel was very nice. I could see the Tower Bridge from our window.
We went to a Madame Tussaud’s Museum and the London Zoo, because I am very interested in animals.
I found the waxfigures in the museum very interesting. I think this was the best trip today.
I bought some souveniers for my friends and two CDs for my two sisters.
The weather was fantastic, because it was sunny and no rain.

Theresa, 3c

My family and I went to London for five days.
On Monday we went to the London Aquarium. We saw sharks, fish and all kinds of sea creatures.
Then we ate in a wonderful restaurant. On the next day we visited the Tower of London.
Now I know that the Tower of London was built in 1078. First it was a castle, then it was a prison and now it’s a museum.
On Wednesday we went to a shopping centre and to a cinema. I bought a dress for myself and some souveniers for my friends.
Thursday was the worst day because it rained all day. Nevertheless the weather was sunny and warm.
The best thing for me was when we saw the many fish species in the London Aquarium.
On Friday it also rained but it was already the last day anyway.

Katharina, 3c

Last year I was in the Park View Hotel in London with my mum, my dad and my two brothers.
It was great. I could see the park from the window.
I saw the London Eye, the City Hall, and the London Aquarium.
The best of the three sights was the Aquarium because you can see sharks, fish  and all kinds of sea creatures.
This building was once called County Hall because many years ago it was the offices of London’s local government.         
I bought a necklace for my mum and four myself I bought some nail polish.

Marlies, 3c

I flew with my family for a week to London. We stayed in the Park View Hotel. It was nice. My family and I had a room overlooking the townsquare.
We went to some sights in London for example the London Aquarium, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge and to Big Ben.
The sight that I liked best was the Tower Bridge because it is a wonderful bridge and when a big ship comes, the bridge opens and the ship can go through.
At night we also went to the Bridge and it was beautifully illuminated.
I bought some nice souveniers for my friends.
The wheater was sunny but one day of the week was a little bit rainy.

Marcel, 3b

Last summer I went to London. I stayed in a six-stars hotel for four days in the near of Park View.
I was there with my parents and my brother und my grandparents.
We visited the Tower Bridge and the London Aquarium. Also we visited the Tate Modern, but there was a very long queue. We stood there for one hour.
The best sight we saw was the Tower Bridge. It is fantastic.
I bought a T-Shirt for myself a T-Shirt and for my brother I bought a T-Shirt, too.
The weather in London was fantastic when we stayed there.It was great in London.

Sami, 3a

Last summer I went to England and visited  some insteresting sights in London.
The flight there was only 3 hours, but our plane was delayed therefore we arrived later than expected.
Our taxi driver was already waiting patiently for us with a sign stating  “Andreas Erlacher”, my dad's name.
He drove us to Bristol hotel. The drive took us about 20 minutes. When we arrived at the  hotel  we thanked him and my dad  tipped him.
After that,  my family and I went to the reception and asked for our room. The receptionist said: "It's room number 21 on the third floor".
We were very excited to see our room and also quite exhausted from our trip.
After  a short rest we decided to go to the restaurant for a snack. Thereafter we decided to have an early night.

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel. There were eggs, sausages and lots of fruit.
After we ate we decided to see the “London Eye.” It was gigantic and the view of London was amazing.
We also went on the tour bus  to “Big Ben”.
The next day we visited “Madame Tussaud's”. It´s the famous wax museum of the VIPs. We took lots of photos with our favourite actors. They looked so real.
The next day it was my brother’s wish to go to the Aquarium. We spent the day at the Aquarium fascinated by the different sealife species.
For the next few days we relaxed at the hotel and enjoyed the gym and the pool. The day before our departure mom and I went shopping for some souvenirs for my friends.

Marie, 3a

Hey there, today I’ll tell you about my last trip to London.
In summer me and my family went to London for five days. The airport was very big, but the people were very polite and helped us.
I think the doubledecker buses were very funny, when you went in there. The sights in London are so amazing, it was a great feeling to see the Big Ben and the Parliament.
Unfortunately the Queen wasn’t in the Buckingham Palace, but however it was great. In the London Dungeon it was very spooky and it smelled awful, but it was so cool.
London is a really great shopping city, you find everything there. Many different restaurants are there, the best was fish and chips and Ben’s cookies.
The Tower Bridge and  the Tower were of course nice to see.
I think the best was the London Eye. It is more than 130 meters high and you have an amazing view all over London, but there was a very long queue.
In the wonderful Hyde Park you can do all sorts of sports or have a picnic.
I think London is amazing to see. It’s a nice trip to go for everyone.